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Patient Education


Welcome to Scott Chiropractic and Wellness Clinic. Let us help you with upper back pain, lower back pain, leg pain, neck pain, knee pain, sciatica, migraines, tendonitis, bursitis, tension headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, T.M.J. disorders, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, plantar fasciitis and other related nervous system conditions to help you live a pain free life. Located in Jackson, Tennessee, Scott Chiropractic serves residents in Madison, Gibson, Chester, Henderson, Hardeman, Haywood, McNairy, Crockett, Decatur, Carroll, Weakley, Henry, and Benton counties and surrounding neighborhoods with the personalized care of an experienced chiropractor who is genuinely concerned with your well being. The nervous system controls all of the body's functions, including its ability to fight off disease. We specialize in the spine, spinal column, upper back pain, lower back pain and neck pain relief associated with the nervous system. We consider your entire body in order to help you achieve better health. We have 26 years of experience in conservative, proven, progressive, chiropractic methods. We can show you how to maintain good health and wellness through chiropractic and nutrition. We offer physical modalities, orthotics/pelvic stabilizers, and nutrition when needed, and develop a comprehensive chiropractic treatment program that fits your particular health related condition. Call and visit our office for a free consultation (if you just want to talk) today. We offer same day service, handle your insurance paperwork and we will arrange special payment terms if needed. We make it easy for you to obtain relief and start on the road to recovery. Our goal is for you to achieve relief from pain, then prevent it through wellness.




What is the Nervous System?

Your Nerve System is the dominant system in your body. It controls and regulates the function of all cells, tissues, organs, and systems of your body. Because of the tremendous importance of this system, nature protects most of the system by bone. Your skull protects your brain and your spinal bones protect the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots. Your Nerve System's functionality can be compared to an electrical system. Just as with electrical systems, the proper flow of energy through your nerves is vital for normal function and health. Your brain sends message's down your spinal cord, and branches out the spinal nerves to the different organs of your body. In response, the organs send a corresponding message back through the nerves, up the spinal cord, and back to the brain to complete the information loop. The specialty of a chiropractor is to maintain or fix the flow of this message and to maintain a healthy functioning body. A blockage of the message transmission called Vertebral Subluxation can result in sickness and disease. Proper message flow promotes healing, health and wellness.


What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a system of correcting (as opposed to treatment) the spinal column to allow normal body functionality. Chiropractic is founded on the idea that the body is a self-healing organism. Healing within the body occurs at its full potential when interference's are eliminated.


What is a Vertebral Subluxation?

The most common type of nervous system interference is called a Vertebral Subluxation, which most often occurs in the spinal column. The nervous system is the dominant system of the body because it controls and regulates every cell in the body. Vertebral Subluxation's obstruct the nervous system and prevents proper messaging which leads to poor health, and promotes sickness and disease. Vertebral Subluxation's are detected and corrected only by chiropractic doctors. Once Vertebral Subluxation's have been corrected, the overall function and healing capacity of the body is increased. A chiropractic examination can detect if a Vertebral Subluxation is present and preventing you from achieving normal function and health.

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