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Who developed this technique?

The Bi-lateral Nasal Specific Cranial Technique was originally developed by Dr. J. Richard Stober, D.C., N.D., a graduate of Western States Chiropractic College (University of Western States) who specialized in the technique from the 1940’s until his death in 1987. The technique first used to treat infants and children suffering from head trauma from birth, for example cerebral palsy, hearing loss, autism, ADHD, etc. Since that time Dr. Stober’s treatment has become the standard for dynamic cranial adjusting.

How long does a treatment take?

Visits may take 10 to 20 minutes depending on your condition.

How many treatments are needed?

It depends on your condition. Of course, every patient wants relief fast but it depends on how long you’ve had your condition, the severity, how well the bones of your head will move, etc.  I suggest that patients take an initial 5 visits before expecting too much change; but it might take longer. The treatments should be taken as close together as possible for best results. Once you begin to notice relief, then the frequency of treatment is stretched out until you get lasting relief and many patients will then work into some kind of maintenance schedule so either your condition doesn’t return or so we can manage it. But it is really up to you on how many treatments you want to take, or how often. I will give you my recommendations based on your condition and promise to help you as best as I can.

What does the Bilateral Nasal Specifics do?

The effects of this treatment can be incredible both from a structural and symptomatic standpoint. It is used for allergies, concussion, traumatic brain injury, psychiatric problems, migraines, TMJ, vertigo, sleep apnea, vision, loss of smell, hearing loss, meniere's, deviated septums, broken noses, balance issues, failed sinus surgery, chronic sinus infections, and autism . It is indicated whenever there is cranial dysfunction or cranial faults. By no means is it a cure-all. However, patients who suffer and have tried other techniques and therapies are welcome recipients of this very powerful treatment. When indicated, it has provided relief for thousands of suffering patients.

How is this technique performed?

The technique is called the Bilateral Nasal Specifics Technique. I adjust the sphenoid bone via the nasopharynx by placing a secured finger cot on the tip of a blood pressure bulb, inserting it into the inferior, middle and superior turbinate’s of the nose, one at a time, bilaterally, inflating the finger cot one turbinate at a time. Release it, take it out, and do the same procedure again. After doing the procedure at each turbinate on both sides (which equals six inflations), the bottom pair is done again. This procedure, therefore, does eight inflations each visit. That is the way it was developed, practiced and taught by Dr. Stober. Some patients and skulls can handle two or three finger cots and more than eight inflations each visit. It just depends on the case and the patient. This is the procedure of choice in this technique. Recommended frequency is anywhere from daily or weekly until relief is achieved. Many patients continue on a maintenance basis. For anyone suffering with cognitive or intellectual disabilities, this treatment many times has proven to be very helpful.

Does insurance cover this procedure?



 The Initial Evaluation and first 5 treatments will be $560 and then $100 per treatment afterwards.

Call and visit our office for a free consultation (if you just want to talk) today. We make it easy for you to obtain relief and start on the road to recovery. Our goal is for you to achieve relief from pain, then prevent it through wellness.


  • Thank you for introducing me to your new Bilateral Nasal Specific technique procedure. For days I have suffered from nasal and sinus congestion. Flying for work only makes the pressure worse. The only relief I knew was NyQuil/DayQuil and OTC decongestants. I will tell you after my procedure today, I can totally breath WITHOUT any medication. I was a little hesitant at first but I am convinced and living proof that this procedure is my future to breathing normally. And it was not painful at all. Thank You for your natural and holistic approach to alleviating my sinus issue!! Looking forward to my next session. It will help so many. And thank you for allowing me the opportunity. I mean WOW it works. Johnny, my husband, is going to do it also. He saw the immediate relief I had when we left your office. You have a believer and a promoter in me! And the relief has continued. CUDOS to you for bringing this to Jackson. ---Amy M.

  • My chiropractic journey began three years ago. I suffered from severe back pain and regular sinus headaches. Dr. Kevin Scott was recommended to me by a family member. I called his office and he saw me the same day. I am so glad I went for that visit. Because of his treatments and my regular visits, I rarely have any back pain and sinus headaches. I also suffer from seasonal allergies and ear infections (3 within 15 months). Dr. Scott talked to me about the bilateral nasal specific technique, something I had never considered or heard of before. After only two sessions, I can tell a difference. Immediately after the first session of the nasal specific technique, I felt significant drainage. My sinus cavities have been so tight for so long that fluid hasn’t been draining like it should, hence the ear infections. I’m able to breathe more clearly and feel less fluid moving around my inner ear. Dr. Kevin genuinely cares for his patients and is always looking for ways to best serve them. ---Carolyn S.

  • I shared my recent issues with my sinuses on a maintenance appointment with Dr. Kevin Scott and he suggested I try bilateral nasal adjustments. Although I was a little nervous about the procedure, I trust his assessments and decided to give it a shot. After one procedure, I could breathe much easier and my husband says I no longer keep him up with my snoring. Amazing! I’ve been snoring on and off for the last 2 years and after trusting this process, I sleep and breathe better than I have in years. I’m glad I trusted you once again, Dr. Kevin! ---Aimee E.

  • I’m having this done and have given up my nose spray and antihistamine. Less headaches and hearing has improved. Snoring is improving too. ---Rebecca S.

Are you a Mouth Breather? Do you use a nasal spray? Hear me out!!! I never really thought about it, until I read a recent post on the Scott Chiropractic Facebook page. Apparently, being a Mouth Breather can cause all sorts of issues. I had no idea that nose breathing was healthier and that I was rarely breathing through my nose.

Have to admit, I was a little hesitant at first, but then I started reading (and hearing) success stories about Dr. Kevin's new Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique. Improvements in sinuses, snoring and many more benefits. Fast forward.... I recently had 5 treatments, and it's been a game changer. I noticed a big difference after 1-2 treatments and now I am breathing better than ever. I'm waking up feeling more refreshed, my workouts aren't as exhausting, my sinuses have improved dramatically and I'm breathing through my nose now 😁😁😁

Thank you Dr. Kevin!!!!--- Veronica B.

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